Entrepreneurship is a major economic driver in the fight against poverty and for a better distribution of wealth in both developed and developing countries.

 — Adebayo and Nassar, 2004.

The development of any society, particularly in the Cameroonian context, requires a dynamic and enterprising youth. In this context, O’Botama fosters the idea of channelling the potential of students passionate about entrepreneurship through the creation of an Ambassadors Club.

Given the low employment rate in Cameroon, it is therefore more than urgent to propose and even set up an action plan to enable young people with specific skills to be self-employed.

This programme is aimed at young people with the following profile:

If you recognize yourself in this profile, this program is for you. Join the adventure and become a. e « Manzo »an Ambassador O'Botama. 

What we offer our Ambassadors.

  • Introductory entrepreneurship workshops;
  • Weekly slots to occupy the O'Botama coworking space;
  • Advice and individualised support for their business projects.

 What we expect from our Ambassadors.

  • The creation and animation of an entrepreneurial community/club in their university/institute;
  • Support for the organisation of O'Botama events (logistics and communication);
  • Sharing O'Botama news in their community.