We believe in the potential of African entrepreneurs.

We help them go beyond their imagination.

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    What is O'Botama?

Our mission

Our vision is to release the energies of young African projects owners. To achieve this, we have set ourselves the mission of being a catalyst for talents that strengthens the entrepreneurial culture among these young Africans and supports them in the creation of innovative solutions for their region. To achieve the mission mentioned above, we have decided to:

Support an innovation rooted in Africa’s cultural heritages,

To offer young people support in the realization of their projects by promoting responsible projects on the socio-economic and environmental level,

Become a reference of the entrepreneurial ecosystem using our expertise,

To foster the spirit of sharing and collaboration.

Our support focus

We are here to support you in the different phases of your company development. We will particularly focus on the following issues:

How to transform an idea into a value proposition?

How to enhance its innovation/activity?

How to finance your Business?

How to find the right partners?

Our impact






Coworkers regularly hosted in our coworking space.





Companies and project owners supported in Cameroon since 2018.





Nos évènements culturels



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Entrepreneur, investor, artist, journalist, public authority representative, other, please feel free to visit us in our premises in Biyem-Assi (Yaoundé, Cameroun) and we will talk about your project or partnership proposal.

Just follow the plan below or find us on Google maps.


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671 87 59 46




Biyem-assi, Rond-point express, Yaoundé.